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  • Rochelle Fleming – NZ Wedding Celebrant

Telling your story

Nothing personalises a wedding ceremony more than an introduction that tells the story of the couple meeting, developing their relationship, and deciding to get married. Telling your story in narrative way captures your audience’s attention. Your friends and family are left emotionally engaged.

Based on the information that I receive, key moments that really show how a couple’s relationship has evolved and grown in the time they’ve known each other are included within the ceremony.

There are many ways that a couple can tell their stories in a meaningful way within their ceremony. Your friends or family could be involved in recalling key memories.

  • A friend could retell how they have come to be there today as a ‘storybook of love’ – this intonation allows the story to be told in a fun lighthearted way, often as if they were characters in their own fairytale.

  • An aspect of their story could be told by some of the bridal party i.e. the best man could relay the first meeting and the maid of honor the proposal

After telling their story, I always end my Love Stories by sharing what the couple love and admires about each other, tell their family and friends what they mean to them and state the couple’s vision for their future together.

Below are some standard questions that are asked as part of my personal questionnaire. These questions are a little more in-depth and can really make the personal love story unique and memorable. The couples go away and reflect and come back to me on the following questions to help tell their story.

  • What was my first thought on meeting him/her?

  • Where have we gone together, and what things have we shared, that are special? What is “our place” or “our song?”

  • What obstacles have we faced together? How did we grow as a couple and as individuals?

  • What are the things I love most about him/her?

  • What are some of the quirky or annoying things about him/her that drive me absolutely nuts? (When you include something like this, mixing the serious with the not so serious it adds a light heartedness to the ceremony without humour taking over)

  • What actions of his/her say “I love you”?

  • What do you admire about your partner?

  • What have they taught you?

  • What do you want as a couple out of life? i.e. – what are your combined goals for your future ahead and what essentially is important to you both?

  • What makes you work as a couple?

  • What activities / interests do you share as a couple?

  • What does marriage mean to you as a couple?

The above questions are in addition to the how they met, courtship and proposal information.

In essence the ceremony is the heart of your day. Make it your own by writing your story, and retelling it in a light-hearted, fun, thoughtful and meaningful way setting the scene for the rest of your day.

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