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  • Rochelle Fleming – NZ Wedding Celebrant

Three fun ideas to make your wedding interactive and memorable

Why not make your wedding about an experience? One with twists and turns and mystery, interest and intrigue. Below are some ideas and suggestions to get you brainstorming what might suit your day which has a focus on ‘the interactive wedding’.

1. Colour a Canvas

  • Something that is becoming extremely popular these days is adult colouring. A spin on this could be to include a canvas for your guests to colour whilst they are mingling and having photos which will be a work of art to be placed in the home to remember the day by. Below is a recent wedding I officiated for a friend where I noted this idea.

2. Lawn games

  • Activities to do in pairs or teams are becoming a popular and fun addition at weddings. In my research I have found a couple of fun examples of many to share, which were Giant Jenga and Kerplunk. These giant game sets can be set up in different areas as a way to add some entertainment and opportunity for the guests to mingle and enjoy some light hearted competition.

3. Fun instruction guides

  • While guests are waiting for a ceremony to proceed or for the reception to begin it is great to give them some instruction guides of things to do, read or say in these moments where they pause and wait for the next part of the proceedings to start. It can also enable some interaction between guests and some more fun and frivolity. Two examples below are interactive order of service cards and photo instruction cards on reception tables.

  • The order of service could have some puzzles or games within it to keep the guests occupied prior to the ceremony starting and some interactional instructions of things to call out or do during the ceremony if you want to add some engagement with the crowd in the ceremony.

A little I Spy Game on the tables will keep them entertained taking photos and if you want them to they could upload to Instagram and tag #brideandgroomtheirnames so the photos all get tagged into one place and allows the couple to see what their guests were up to during happy hour.

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about making those connections with your guests and a day to remember. Interaction in all components of your day is a wonderful way to put your own unique stamp on your perfect day.

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