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  • Rochelle Fleming – NZ Wedding Celebrant

Personalise your Wedding Vows

Wedding celebrations are a once in a lifetime event, everyone wants to make theirs personal, perfect, relaxed and romantic. To personalise your wedding, as a couple, put time aside to consider and write your wedding vows. Time invested in what you wish to say to your once in a lifetime partner can result in, simple, sincere, personal and heartfelt promises which you can keep and reflect on for a lifetime, and perhaps even frame.

When putting your vows for each other together follow this simple order:

  • First line: "I [Name] choose you/take you [Name] to be my husband/wife/life partner".

  • Followed with; the reasons you want to spend the rest of your lives together and what you love most about each other

  • Add; 5–8 promises to each other fun and/or serious (as in the image above)

  • Mention the future; what you look forward to as a couple.

If we were to take the above promises and frame them into a full vow it would read:

I [Name] AB take you [Name] CD to be my wife/husband/partner

I choose you as I cannot imagine sharing this journey with anyone else

I love you not only because you make the best chicken burgers,

I love you because you always put me first

These are the things I promise to you on this day – our wedding day;

I promise to love you without condition

To honour you each & every day

To laugh with you when you are happy

To support you when you’re sad

To guide you when you ask for direction

To challenge you to be a better person

And allow you to do the same for me

To be your biggest fan and your ever present listening audience

And to love you unconditionally through all our adventures in life together.

Vows can be written together or separately. My suggestion as an experienced celebrant would be to write three promises together that are the same and then the rest as a secret to be shared with each other for the first time on your wedding day. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be proud of the vows you create to share on your wedding day.



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